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WesAudio Titan 500 Series Rack Frame

WesAudio Titan 500 Series Rack Frame


500 Series compatible rack frame featuring ng500 connector and GCon protocol

  • Info:

    The WesAudio _TITAN 500 Series Rack Frame is a complete recall system designed to provide total integration with your beloved analog equipment. It implements special connector which is part of new open standard “Next Generation 500 series” (ng500)where modules can be designed to communicate with the outside environment to support digital recall or any other vendor specific functionalities. The ng500 connector is compatible with most of standard 500 series modules* and allows total integration with GCon compatible modules.


    TITAN supports USB connection, which can be used to directly connect your workstation to your modules, and Ethernet connection where modules can be accessed through LAN network (currently only one subnet is supported).



    • GCon compatible frame which allows to communicate with modules through single connection
    • USB connection to manage up to 10 modules
    • Ethernet connection (UDP based) to manage up to 10 modules (LAN single subnet)
    • GConManager application which allows to manage stereo links
    • Internal audio signals are routed into special connector (I.A.C. “Internal Audio Connector”) accessible on 10th slot, which allows integration with “Summing Modules” or “Audio interfaces”
    • Stereo links are integrated with modules, and pressing “Link” button on modules which supports GCon protocol (e.g. Mimas) sets stereo link on the Titan
    • Open Specification – documentation and software framework including communication drivers for any Vendor that would like to adopt to this standard
    • 10 slots with ng500 series connector
    • Remote firmware upgrade – _Titan & all modules inside can be upgraded remotely through USB or Ethernet connection
    • XLR sockets in/out for each slot
    • Internal stereo link switches which can be also managed through GConManager standalone application
    • Linear power supply capable to deliver 5A of power
    • Power mode switch – 115 V / 230 V
  • Specs:

    CHASSIS 19-inch Rack-mount
    MODULE TYPE 500 Series
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