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WesAudio Supercarrier II 11-slot 500 Series Chassis

WesAudio Supercarrier II 11-slot 500 Series Chassis

SKU: Supercarrier

11-slot 500 Series Rack Chassis, with 5A Total Power Capacity and Internal Stereo Link Switches

  • Info:

    500 Series Chassis for WesAudio and Others


    The WesAudio Supercarrier II is an 11-slot 500 Series frame that is fully compatible with the API standard. And you can expect reliable performance even with power-hungry modules, thanks to WesAudio's Independent Slot Power (ISP) technology. ISP completely isolates each module and ensures it receives linear power — it's like housing each module in its own chassis with its own power supply. The Supercarrier II features 11 slots for your modules, XLR connections for each slot, as well as a DB-25 connector for the first eight slots. Internal link switches offer stereo-link operation between modules, perfect for using your EQs and compressors on stereo buses. Its linear power supply is capable of up to 5A. If you want the creative flexibility that a 500 Series setup provides, Sweetwater can highly recommend the WesAudio Supercarrier II chassis for housing your modules.


    WesAudio Supercarrier II 500 Series Chassis Features:


    • 11-slot chassis for 500 Series modules
    • Independent Slot Power technology isolates modules and delivers linear power to each module
    • XLR in/out for each slot
    • DB-25 connection for first 8 slots
    • Internal link switches provide stereo operation
    • Linear power supply provides up to 5A
    • Power mode switch for 115V/230V operation
  • Tech Specs:

    • Number of Slots:11
    • Inputs:11 x XLR, 1 x DB-25
    • Outputs:11 x XLR, 1 x DB-25
    • Module Power:±16V DC, 5A (max total)
    • Power Supply:External 5-pin power supply adapter
    • Manufacturer Part Number:Supercarrier II
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