Waldorf nw1 Eurorack Wavetable Module

Waldorf nw1 Eurorack Wavetable Module

Wavetable Modular for Eurorack, with 4 CV Inputs, Gate Input, Audio Output, and USB
  • Overview:

    Waldorf Wavetable Synth for Eurorack!

    Waldorf's wavetable synthesizers are beloved by sound designers and electronic musicians worldwide, and now you can add a Waldorf wavetable module to your Eurorack modular synth rig with the nw1 module. It packs the wavetable set from Waldorf's classic Microwave and Nave synthesizers, and you can even create your own user wavetables too. The sound is exactly what you'd expect from a Waldorf wavetable synth: metallic tones, clanging bells, evolving soundscapes, and otherworldly sonic textures are just the start. Complete with a USB port for wavetable transfer and text input, the Waldorf nw1 module is a powerful sound generator for your Eurorack modular synthesizer.


    Waldorf nw1 Wavetable Eurorack Module at a Glance:

    • Three modulation inputs for creative sound design
    • Tap into classic wavetable sounds or create your own
    • Three playback quality settings for different sonic textures


    Three modulation inputs for creative sound design

    Synth fans at Sweetwater feel that wavetable synthesizers sound more interesting with lots of modulation, so we're glad to see three CV inputs on the Waldorf nw1 module for modulation. From altering the wavetable playback speed and position to adjusting the wavetable rendering from periodic to noisy, the nw1 is capable of virtually unlimited sonic exploration. You'll definitely want to have some LFO and envelope modules on hand when you start creating with the Waldorf nw1.


    Tap into classic wavetable sounds or create your own

    The Waldorf nw1 module comes loaded with 80 wavetables you may recognize from Waldorf's Microwave and Nave synthesizers. And these are just the start: there are 10 user slots you can use to record your own wavetables via the CV inputs, or you can transfer them from your computer via USB. There are also 50 user locations for text-to-speech wavetables, which you can create and upload with the nw1 wavetable editor software (available on Waldorf's website).


    Three playback quality settings for different sonic textures

    While classic wavetable synths from the '80s have a distinctive, gritty quality to them, modern wavetable synths like Waldorf's Nave sound pristine. The nw1 module gives you the option to sound as clean or dirty as you like. The "Nave-grade quality" mode provides the best-quality resampling. The "Microwave quality" mode resamples with additional harmonics at low pitches, adding that early-digital '80s vibe to your sounds. "Aliased" mode is the most crude, with a lot of aliasing being generated. Try listening to all three playback modes with any wavetable - results will vary!


    Waldorf nw1 Wavetable Eurorack Module Features:

    • Wavetable synthesizer module for Eurorack
    • Includes 80 classic wavetables from Waldorf's Microwave and Nave synthesizers
    • Record your own wavetables in real time, or upload them via editor software
    • USB connectivity for wavetable transfer via editor software
    • Ample sound-shaping capabilities for wide-ranging sound design
    • 3 CV inputs for modulation
    • CV input for pitch control (1V/Octave)
    • Gate input for triggering wavetable travel and recording
    • Power requirements: +/-12V, 150mA
    • Width: 32HP


    Add wavetable capabilities to your Eurorack synth rig with the Waldorf nw1 module!


    Tech Specs

    Sound Engine Type(s) Wavetable synthesis
    Number of Presets 10
    Expansion Eurorack modular
    Analog Inputs 1 x Gate, 1 x Pitch CV, 3 x Modulation CV
    Analog Outputs 1 x 1/8"
    Power Supply Requires Eurorack Case / power supply
    Manufacturer Part Number nW1

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