Waldorf mod1 Eurorack Modulator Module (PREORDER)

Waldorf mod1 Eurorack Modulator Module (PREORDER)

3-section Modulation Eurorack Module with Flexible, All-analog ADSR and LFO Circuitry
  • Overview:

    Waldorf expects to begin shipping their new eurorack modules in Summer 2016, but you can secure a great spot in line today by placing your pre-order


    A Major Modulation Upgrade for Your Eurorack Rig

    Packing three distinct modulation sources into a single Eurorack module, the Waldorf mod1 is a perfect way to add motion and energy to any synth patch. First, there's the AD3SR section, which provides traditional ADSR envelope generation with up to three decay stages. Next, there's the Symmetry Generator, which ranges from traditional LFO modulation to unipolar gate and trigger envelope operation. Finally, there's the mod1's Rise & Fall section, which includes flexible curves for creative sound shaping. Whether you're after a simple LFO or a sophisticated multi-stage curve, the mod1 delivers an endless supply of modulation options via pristine analog circuitry that satisfies Sweetwater's staunchest synth nuts.


    Waldorf mod1 Eurorack Modulation Module Features:

    • A powerful modulation engine for your Eurorack synth rig
    • AD3SR envelope generator includes 3 decay stages and looping
    • Symmetry Generator includes bipolar (LFO) and unipolar outputs
    • Rise & Fall section includes flexible rise curve and optional loop mode
    • Pure analog circuitry ensures absolutely smooth operation


    Add epic modulation to you Eurorack rig with the Waldorf mod1 module!


    Tech Specs

    Effects Types Modulation
    Other I/O 2 x Gate in, Trigger in, CV speed, CV symmetry, Inverted out, Unipolar out, Signal out (1/8")
    HP Size 20hp
    Power Supply Requires Eurorack power supply
    Manufacturer Part Number WDF-MOD-1