Waldorf dvca1 Eurorack Dual VCA Module (PREORDER)

Waldorf dvca1 Eurorack Dual VCA Module (PREORDER)

Dual VCA Eurorack Module with Harmonic Coloration Control
  • Overview:

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    Add Extreme Color to Your Eurorack Rig!

    Waldorf's dvca1 Eurorack amplifier module gives you massive control over your sound. They're capable of pristine transparency, but Sweetwater synth nuts also love how these analog VCAs let you dial in the type and degree of color you want to add to your synth's sound. Onboard, you'll find simultaneous linear and exponential (logarithmic) gain control, harmonic color controls, and separate AC- and DC-coupled inputs. Whether you want to link the two signals for modulation, sum them for mono output, or separate them for stereo panning, the Waldorf dvca1 is the amplifier for you.


    Waldorf dvca1 Dual VCA Eurorack Module Features:

    • Dual VCA module for your Eurorack synth system
    • Both VCAs feature linear and exponential CV control
    • Color sections let you dial in harmonic saturation
    • 12dB of extra gain and separate AC- and DC-coupled inputs onboard
    • Sum, link, or separate signal output for modulated, mono, or stereo use


    Add color and control to your audio with the Waldorf dvca1 Eurorack module!


    Tech Specs

    Sound Engine Type(s) Analog
    HP Size 20hp
    Power Supply Requires Eurorack power supply
    Manufacturer Part Number WDF-DVCA-1