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Vertigo Sound VSP-2 Dual Mic Pre

Vertigo Sound VSP-2 Dual Mic Pre

SKU: vvsp2
Dual Mic Preamp 1976
  • Overview:

    VSP-2 Dual Mic Preamp 1976

    The VSP-2 is VERTIGO SOUNDs 3rd BIG IMPACT DESIGN and is setting a new benchmark in microphone amplification.


    The heart of this unit is Vertigo Sound 100% discrete Twin Op Amp circuit called the OPA (operational amplifier) 1976.


    These "in house" engineered & built discrete amplifier stage is combined with Jensens world famous JT-16 Mic transformers and provide a smooth warm and defined sound from the lowest bass to the very top end of the sonic spectrum.The JT-16 transformer can handle very high input levels and provides a very linear phase behaviour because of low capacitance problems due to it`s low ratio of 1:2. Further the low ratio of the transformer forces the discrete OP Amp to provide most of the amplification in the VSP-2. This " full throttle","pedal to the floor" circuitry enables a unique, rich, full and characterful sound.


    Controls and Features of the VSP-2

    Gain control: 
    10-position Grayhill Rotaryswitch with 6db step increments. The full range of the unit is 12-72db


    Fine Gain control:
    41 click Alps 0-6db fine gain trim


    Switch that engages lowcut input filter 12db/oct at 80hz or 120 HZ.


    Signal & Clip LED: 
    This LED either indicates Green for a reasonable signal level presence at the output or red for close to Overload. There is no inbetween orange state to indicate clipping clearly.


    LED green:
    - 6dBu to 19dBu at the output of the VSP-2 >>>> reasonable output level

    LED red:
    +19dBu at the output of the VSP-2 >>>> close to clipping level


    Note: The maximum output of the VSP-2 is +24dbU, the red clipping led indicates the maximum capable input level of most common converters and analog gear.

    This is an unbalanced input for guitar, bass, samples, etc. This unbalanced input goes directly to the TWIN OPA input without using any circuitry inbetween. (Real DI Input) 
    Simply throw the toggle switch and you're off. The output is muted when switching to avoid loud clicks in your monitors.


    48V : 
    48V switches ramped phantom power.


    Pads the input signal 20dB down. The pad does not affect the input impedance of the VSP-2!

    The pad circuitry is switched out of the Input stage completley when disabled.


    Please use the Pad for the gain Settings 12dB-18db-24dB and 30dB only!!! The Pad does not effect the sound of your signal but settings like 54dB with Pad engaged e.G. will worsen your signal to noise ratio.


    Reverses the polarity of the pre amp's output.

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