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Vertigo Sound VSE-2 Gyrator EQ

Vertigo Sound VSE-2 Gyrator EQ

SKU: vse2
The Discrete Gyrator EQ for Tracking, Mixing and Mastering
  • Overview:

    The Vertigo Sound VSE-2
    a.k.a. The Discrete Gyrator EQ for Tracking, Mixing and Mastering

    The VSE-2 is another BIG IMPACT DESIGN and is setting a new benchmark for Tracking, Mix-Bus and Mastering applications. 
    Unlike other EQs on the market the VSE-2 is equipped with six discrete gyrators and lots of matchless detailed features.
    This unique set-up makes the sound of the golden decade of analog recording equipment available in today's studio environment.


    VSE-2 Unique Features

    • Discrete gyrator based Equalizer concept
    • Discrete operational Cut and Boost amplifier +-8db
    • 18 selectable frequencies on each channel
    • Dual Mono Design
    • Hi Pass Filter 10Hz-400Hz with bypass
    • Transformer balanced input
    • All EQ parameters controlled by rotary switches
    • Unique A.I.R Mode (Enhancement of the auditory threshold)
    • Smooth and Punchy 
    • Super Low Noise (-98dBu)
    • Cut & Boost steps +-: 1dB, 2dB, 3,5dB, 5,5dB, 8dB


    What makes The Vertigo Sound Discrete Gyrator stand out from the crowd?

    The Vertigo Sound “Discrete Triple Gyrator 1972” uses a fully discrete circuitry, while other devices on the market realize the Gyrator using an standard IC.
    The well thought out design of Vertigo's Gyrator delivers a tube unit like distortion spectrum. The distortion is produced by the Gyrator itself at the frequency you dial in.


    Technical Specifications

    • Jensen Balanced In. That 1646 or Burr Brown Balanced Out
    • Dynamic Range: 122 dB
    • Frequency response: 10 Hz … 80 kHz (– 3dB)
    • Max. Output Level: + 23dBu / 600 Ohm balanced floating
    • Signal to Noise Ratio at + 6dBu = 105dB (20 … 20 kHz, unweighted, RMS)
    • Noise: – 99dBu (20 Hz – 22 kHz – unweighted, RMS) @ 0dB Unity Gain
    • Crosstalk between channels: > 100dB 
    • Power consumption: max 10 Watts

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