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Triton Audio True Phantom

Triton Audio True Phantom

SKU: tap48
Low THD P48 Phantom Power Supply
  • Overview:

    For powering condenser microphones, the IEC 61938 Phantom Power supply has been the standard for years. Although being proven technology, there are several disadvantages to the current implementation. The microphone signal, for instance is not completely available to he microphone preamp. To the microphone's circuit, the 6K8 resistor presents a load, this causes distortion and reduces the available signal. Also, with the IEC 61938 Phantom Power implementation, isolation from the rest of the preamp or mixer circuit is not complete, this can negatively affect noise performance. 

    True Phantom uses patented technology which overcomes these problems. True Phantom's electronics enable the microphone to operate at no-load condition, which lowers distortion, compared to the current implementation it achieves lower distortion and an increase of the signal-to-noise ratio. 


    • Dual channel for stereo recording
    • XLR in and Outputs
    • Power on indicator
    • Ground lift switch
    • Built-in High end Phantom blocking circuit
    • Direct switch, bypasses the Phantom Blocking circuit

    True phantom is based on Patented technology developed by J. Kist.
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