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Triton Audio BigAmp Piëzo

Triton Audio BigAmp Piëzo

SKU: tbampp
High-end amplification, as close to the source as possible
  • Overview:


    BigAmp Piëzo 

    A piëzo transducer typically has an impedance of several Mega Ohms, which is much higher compared to the high-Z input of instrument preamps or mixing consoles. This prevents the transducer to deliver its potential output signal to the preamp and restricts transient response. Additionally, the high impedance combined with the capacity of the cable to the preamp forms a low pass filter, making a piëzo transducer often sound uninspiring.

    BigAmp Piëzo is a BigAmp version specially designed to overcome above issues. It has a 7.5 Mega Ohms input Impedance, which enables the piëzo transducer to deliver its full potential. Signal amplification is low (3dB) to allow for the highest possible headroom. Because of its small size BigAmp piëzo can be connected as close to the transducer as possible which keeps cable capacitance to a minimum.

    BigAmp Piëzo can be distinguished by the type identification ring below the TritonAudio label.


    BigAmp is a small sized, high quality jfet instrument preamp which performs equally well on stage as it does in a studio environment. It has a 1/4" female trs input which accepts signals ranging from the pickup of an electric bass or (acoustic) guitar to the line level output of a synthesizer. BigAmp's low noise class A amplifier provides high end amplification and converts the instrument output signal from unbalanced to balanced.

    BigAmp is available in two versions
    BigAmp: a regular version
    BigAmp Piëzo: a version for piëzo transducers


    DAW Recording
    BigAmp is an ideal companion for DAW recording. By recording a clean signal directly to disk you have the advantage of being able to sculpt the sound of your recorded track with your favourite plugins.


    How it works 
    Stick BigAmp on a microphone cable, plug in your electric Guitar, Bass(or any other instrument with a 1/4" TRS Jack output) and switch on Phantom Power.

    To achieve the best sonic result it is advised to use a short TRS/Jack cable between BigAmp and your instrument.



    • Low noise Class A JFet amplifier

    • 3db amplification

    • single ended amplifier topology

    • Balanced output

    • Z-in 1 MOhm / 7.5MOhm (BigAmp Piëzo)

    • Lots of headroom

    • 24-48 v phantom power

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