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Triton Audio BigAmp

Triton Audio BigAmp

SKU: tbamp
High-end amplification, as close to the source as possible
  • Overview:

    BigAmp is a small sized, high quality jfet instrument preamp which performs equally well on stage as it does in a studio environment. It has a 1/4" female trs input which accepts signals ranging from the pickup of an electric bass or (acoustic) guitar to the line level output of a synthesizer. BigAmp's low noise class A amplifier provides high end amplification and converts the instrument output signal from unbalanced to balanced.

    BigAmp is available in two versions
    BigAmp: a regular version
    BigAmp Piëzo: a version for piëzo transducers


    DAW Recording
    BigAmp is an ideal companion for DAW recording. By recording a clean signal directly to disk you have the advantage of being able to sculpt the sound of your recorded track with your favourite plugins.


    How it works 
    Stick BigAmp on a microphone cable, plug in your electric Guitar, Bass(or any other instrument with a 1/4" TRS Jack output) and switch on Phantom Power.

    To achieve the best sonic result it is advised to use a short TRS/Jack cable between BigAmp and your instrument.



    • Low noise Class A JFet amplifier

    • 3db amplification

    • single ended amplifier topology

    • Balanced output

    • Z-in 1 MOhm / 7.5MOhm (BigAmp Piëzo)

    • Lots of headroom

    • 24-48 v phantom power

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