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Thermionic Culture Rack Kit

Thermionic Culture Rack Kit

SKU: rackkit
Rack kit for Half rack units
  • Description:

    Thermionic Culture Rack Kit for Half Rack Units is a standard 4U high 19" rack made by Thermionic Culture to house its half rack units (Freebird, Nightingale). You can mount 2 Freebird and /or Nightingale products in this rack at a time.



    • A standard 4U high 19" rack
    • Two half rack units can be housed at a time
    • Built for Freebird and Nighingale products



    • Manufacturer: Thermionic Culture
    • Product: Rack
    • Size: 4U high, 19"
    • Capacity: 2 half rack units
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