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SPL Qure Parametric 3-Band Equalizer

SPL Qure Parametric 3-Band Equalizer

SKU: splqure

Parametric 3-band EQ & Qure-Tube Sound. The Qure is ideally suited for demanding tonal shaping of individual instruments, voices and complex musical signals.

  • Overview:


    Designed for stereo or dual mono applications, the Qure from SPL is a three-band parametric equalizer replete with input/output controls, high- and low-cut filters, and a proprietary Qure control which facilitates an enhanced sense of presence-both in mono and stereo instruments-while simultaneously reducing the harshness often associated with incorrectly achieved performances in the digital realm.

    This EQ provides balanced XLR and 1/4" jacks for inputs and outputs, as well as a proportional-Q principle for precise manipulation of frequencies between 15 Hz and 21 kHz. Furthermore, its dynamic range of 113 dB renders the Qure quite useful at the mastering stage of any production.

    Tube Functionality

    The Qure employs tube circuitry featuring a 12AX7-LPS double triode valve in a mixed current/voltage coupling mode. This stage is clip-resistant and produces a musical tube-THD spectrum.


    Conventional constant-Q designs keep the amplitude of a signal constant, regardless of the adjusted bandwidth. This often results in unmusical boosting of frequencies ancillary to your specific target. Proportional-Q, however, reduces the amplitude of a processed frequency band as the bandwidth broadens. As such, there is no need to constantly readjust the boost/cut control when varying the bandwidth.

    Other Notable Features

    • Proportional-Q operation.
    • Variable HF and LF cut filters.
    • Variable input gain (-12 dB to +18 dB).
    • Variable output gain (-7 dB to +4 dB).
    • Hard-bypass for each filter band and both cut filters.
    • Master relay hard-bypass for entire unit.
    • Stepped potentiometers throughout for easy recall.
    • Central grounded shield layout.
    • Toroidal transformer power supply.
  • Specs:

    Input / Output
    Amplifier Electronically balanced (differential), transformerless
    Nominal Input Level +6 dB
    Input Impedance 22 kOhms
    Output Impedance < 600 Ohms
    Maximum Input Level +14 dBu
    Maximum Output Level +20 dBu
    Minimum Load Impedance 600 Ohms
    Other Features Relay hard bypass 
    Power fail safety
    Audio Characteristics
    Frequency Response 10 Hz to 100 kHz (100 kHz = -3 dB)
    Frequency Range 15 Hz to 21 kHz
    CCMR > -80 dB @ 1 kHz
    THD & Noise 0.01855% @ 1 kHz
    S/N CCIR 468-3: -85 dBu 
    A-weighted: -99 dBu
    Power Supply
    Transformer Toroidal, 35 VA
    Voltage Selector Switch 115 VAC / 230 VAC
    Fuses 500 mA (230 V/50 Hz), 1000 mA (115 V/60 Hz)
    Ground Lift Switchable
    Dimensions & Weight
    Housing Style EIA 19" / 2 RU
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 19.0 x 3.5 x 9.3" / 48.2 x 8.8 x 23.7 cm
    Weight 10.8 lb / 4.9 kg
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