SPL Gainstation 1

SPL Gainstation 1

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Single channel 60v class A microphone and instrument preamplifier
  • Overview:

    GainStation 1

    Microphone and Instrument Preamplifier

    Today more than ever, your input signal has to sound as good as possible—the quality of your recorded tracks will define the end result.

    Attacking this problem on the preamplification front, with the goal of noticeably improving a signal and sending it along its path with a healthy foundation, requires a great deal of thought and engineering effort – like with the GainStation 1.

    Its very compact design allows for free placing also outside of a rack (e. g. close to the microphone). Musicians can place the GainStation 1 easily on a rack or amplifier.


    • Separated Solid state and tube preamps. The tube preamp can be added to the solid state stage to add varying amounts of tube saturation from subtle to brutal
    • Peak/FET Limiter
    • Switchable Mic Input Impedance (200 Ohms, 1,2 & 10 kOhms)
    • Custom-made, fully discrete, class A op-amps (no off-the-shelf stuff here). 60V Rail operating voltage—twice as high as most common op-amps—for an incredible dynamic range.
    • All switch functions are handled by encapsulated relays with gold-plated contacts.
    • An extremely high amplifier slew rate of <40V/µs, ensuring clean transmission of high-frequency signal portions and rapid transients with virtually no clipping
    • An almost entirely DC-coupled signal path, making signal-degenerating condensers unnecessary.
    • An optimized layout guarantees the shortest possible signal paths, while generously proportioned grounding surfaces ensure low impedance and maximum shielding.
    • All resistors are within 0.1% tolerance and were selected after extensive listening tests.
    • A no-compromise power supply with extensive additional shielding and seven separately wound and regulated voltages.
    • A tube stage utilizing premium MKP foil condensers and a select 12 AX7 LPS tube for clear, dynamic audio.
    • Optional 24/192 AD converter and Lundahl input transformer
    • Made in Germany


    Frequency response:
    ‹1Hz-125kHz (Clean Gain 30dB, Tube Gain off, output level 0dB, +/- 0.5dB)
    ‹1Hz-310kHz (Clean Gain 30dB, Tube Gain off, output level 0dB, +/- 3dB)
    ‹1Hz-125kHz (Clean Gain 30dB, Tube Gain 1dB, output level 0dB, +/- 0.5dB)

    0.0005% (Clean Gain 24dB, Tube Gain off, output level +6dB, 20-22kHz)
    0.032% (Clean Gain 23dB, Tube Gain 1dB, output level +6dB, 20-22kHz)

    -95.4dBu (Clean Gain 10dB, Tube Gain off, A-weighted)
    -91.8dBu (Clean Gain 30dB, Tube Gain off, A-weighted)
    -67.2dBu (Clean Gain 60dB, Tube Gain off, A-weighted)
    -86.4dBu (Clean Gain 20dB, Tube Gain 10dB, A-weighted)

    EIN: 127.2dB (Clean Gain 60dB, Tube Gain off, A-weighted, 40Ohm)

    Dynamic response: ›130dB (20-22kHz, A-weighted)

    Common Mode Rejection: ›80dB (Clean Gain 30dB, Tube Gain off, 1kHz, Input -30dBu)

    Max. Input Level (Mic Input, Hi-Z Input): +17dBu

    Maximum Output Level: +34dBu

    Input Impedance (Instrument input): ›1MOhm

    Output impedance: ›75Ohm

    Slew Rate: ›40V/µs  (Clean Gain 30dB, Tube Gain off, Output Level +6dB)

    Phantom power: 48V +/-2V

    Power consumption (w/o AD converter): 25W

    Housing & Weight:

    (W x H x D): 106 x 122 x 271 mm; 4.17“ x 4.8“ x 10.67“

    Weight (without Lundahl transformer and AD converter): 2,65 kg, 5.84lbs 

    0dBu = 0.775V. Subject to change without notice