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SPL Frontliner

SPL Frontliner

SKU: splftl
Channel Strip and Processing Unit
  • Overview:

    Frontliner Recording Channel

    The flagship channel strip.


    The Frontliner has all tools on board to record vocals and instruments in perfect quality: it merges a preamp, a de-esser, an EQ, a compressor and tube saturation.


    Thanks to it's individual analog I/Os, all these powerful, hi-end analog processors can be use not only while recording but also during mixing. The Frontliner is therefore not reduced to a front-end device. Especially DAW based studios can integrate high-grade analog processing at any stage of the audio production process.


    Three separate, individually optimized inputs for microphones, line signals and instruments.

    Discrete transistors/tube hybrid preamplifier to combine the advantages – high dynamic range and low noise operation of semiconductors with the musical qualities of tube sounds (appealing top end, beautiful spacial impression). 

    250 volts tube circuits in the preamplifier and for tube saturation stages.
    High-grade operational amplifiers from Burr-Brown at critical positions.
    The De-Esser applies SPL's method of phase cancellation for reducing sibilants. This innovative approach works much more neutral than traditional compression methods – a unique method for unobtrusive results and extremely fast operation.

    The compressor is operated by SPL’s double VCA drive circuitry. A differential stage eliminates side effects and the half load per VCA dramatically reduces THD.

    The operational amplifiers for the compressor circuitry meet military specifications. Therefore the regulating voltages are extremely precise – a precondition for high signal processing quality.

    Selected condensers for the EQ filters with pleasant sound characteristics. Especially with vocals, amplified frequencies are not sounding too bright, and on the other hand reductions can tame harsh sounds without sounding dull.

    Central star ground wiring scheme minimizes influences that could affect the ground paths. The audio ground is separated from the ground of the remaining equipment. This leads, in the truest sense of the word ”clean”, to considerably improved tonal quality.

    The power supply is built around two toroidal transformers, one for the audio voltages and one for the other supply voltages (tube heating, LEDs, micro controller etc.) Mutual interferences are excluded and lavishly over-dimensioned capacities ensure absolutely stable supplies for all audio circuitries.

    Options include 24/192 AD converter and in/output transformers by Lundahl

    Made in Germany


    Our preceding recording channels Track One and Channel One have already been successful units by combining fast and easy operation with high processing quality. These channel strips particularly benefit from previous developments for single processors:

    the DynaMaxx compressor/limiter delivered the essentials for the respective channel strip stage, the uniqueDe-Esser is also available as a single, dual-channel unit – and the preamplifier modules were also derived from existing products.


    The development of new units in the last years inevitably evoked the wish to conceive a new channel strip which would benefit from our latest achievements.



    The Frontliner comprises the same discrete, hybrid semiconductor/tube preamplifier design like the GoldMike Mk2. The compressor module is based upon the Kultube providing a full set of classic controls. We also integrated the Kultube's highlight, a signal-dependent automation of attack and release parameters which can still be influenced manually – with this option, manual and automatic control can be merged to always find the best settings.


    The EQ section provides two semi-parametric filters for low and mid band as well as a bell filter delivering a silky and smooth top end. This filter set offers a perfect frequency first aid kit and is rounded off with a Tube Saturation control.

    In contrast to semiconductors, a tube does not clip from a certain level, but approaches its limits by increasingly producing harmonic distortions. The sound effects from saturating a tube can often be used to improve the audio signal. The sound results resemble tape saturation effects and increase the density and perceived energy in a very pleasant way.



    The task of a channel strip is relatively complex. There is not one specialized device for one job, but a unit that combines a lot of technology for the pre-amplification and processing of audio signals. That is why especially the Frontliner benefits very much from SPL’s innovations for targeted, efficient work. The De-Esser, for example, performs a highly complex processing, but can simply be adjusted with one single knob.

    The straight and clear front panel design also supports fast and safe operation.


    "Analog Plugins"

    Each Frontliner module disposes of its own inputs and outputs. Sophisticated switching options allow to integrate Frontliner’s modules into a studio environment as if they were stand-alone devices. You can also group modules in any combination and you can determine inserts at each module’s input.


    If you imagine the Frontliner modules as analog plug-ins, the additional value suddenly becomes apparent: this channel strip also is a versatile analog processing station. With one single unit, especially DAW based studios benefit from a first-class recording front-end and have access to high end analog processors for the main signal processing tasks.

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