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Solid State Logic VHD Mic Pre

Solid State Logic VHD Mic Pre

SKU: 729731X1
500 Series Mic Preamp with Controllable 2nd/3rd-order Harmonic Distortion, LF Filter, Hi-z Switch, and +48V Phantom Power
  • Overview:

    SSL 500 Series Mic Pre with a Twist

    The Solid State Logic VHD Pre is an incredibly versatile 500 Series mic preamp that delivers ultra-clean SSL SuperAnalogue-grade sound - with a twist. It's outfitted with SSL's Variable Harmonic Drive (VHD) system. As you increase VHD input gain, the VHD process introduces either 2nd or 3rd-order harmonic distortion (or a blend of the two). At lower gain settings it adds gentle valve-like warmth or a touch of edge. As you increase gain, the more extreme the distortion becomes, all the way to trashed-transistor grunge. At Sweetwater, Solid State Logic gear has holy-grail status. Audition the VHD Pre, and you'll agree.


    Solid State Logic VHD Pre Features at a Glance:

    • Uniquely versatile recording and processing
    • Ultra clean SSL SuperAnalogue grade preamp
    • VHD system adds controllable 2nd or 3rd harmonic distortion
    • Switchable LF Filter (15Hz to 500Hz)
    • hi-Z switch for high impedance microphone use
    • +48V Phantom Power with status LED
    • Pad for use with line level source material
    • Phase invert switch
    • Requires compatible 500 Series chassis


    Tech Specs

    Preamp Type Solid State
    Phantom Power Yes
    Manufacturer Part Number 729731X1
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