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Solid State Logic Nucleus 2 Dark

Solid State Logic Nucleus 2 Dark

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16-fader Control Surface/Dante-over-Ethernet Interface with 2 SuperAnalogue Preamplifiers - Black

  • Overview:

    The SSL Nucleus 2 – Now with Dante!

    Since its 2010 release, SSL's original Nucleus has won awards and become the indispensable centerpiece of DAW-based studios worldwide. Now the Solid State Logic Nucleus 2 ups the ante with a host of innovations aimed at boosting your productivity and improving your end product. The addition of Dante over Ethernet opens up a new world of zero-latency connectivity for your studio. A new adjustable-gain talkback input feeds the headphone output and can trigger a switchable -20dB dim across the monitor outs. SSL also added a second set of speaker outputs (switched from the Mini button in the center section) — handy for A/B mix comparisons on different monitors. Add in a pair of world-class SuperAnalogue preamps, and the Solid State Logic Nucleus 2 is a serious upgrade for your studio.



    Dante, a superior audio-over-IP solution

    Dante, the audio-over-IP technology developed by Audinate, is fast becoming an industry standard. But from our perspective at Sweetwater, the best thing about Dante is that it's scalable. Need more mic pres? Plug another Dante device into your network. It will be automatically detected and ready for deployment. There's also no latency with Dante. Latency is a vanishingly-low 4ms with the Dante Virtual Soundcard that comes with Nucleus 2. Compare that with USB or Thunderbolt — no contest. Nucleus 2 features two Ethernet ports; one for recording to your computer and one for adding additional Dante devices to your rig. You can even switch the Talkback signal to feed channel 2 of the Dante soundcard for remote communication between different rooms on a network.



    Networked, in-the-box post, game, or music production

    Naturally, Nucleus 2 keeps all the features we loved about from the original Nucleus – the high-quality faders (few control surfaces feel as "right" under the fingers), beefy metal chassis, the meaty jog wheel, the ability to simultaneously control three DAWs, and that matchless British flair for design. Nucleus 2 – in dashing Storm Trooper White – carries on the tradition, letting you navigate multiple projects with ease, streamline your workflow, and boost your creative output. If you're an in-the-box post, game, or music producer with a multiple-room setup, the Solid State Logic Nucleus 2 is the way to go. Taking production on the road? Just add a laptop and you have a fully mobile SSL rig.



    Command central for your project studio

    The Solid State Logic Nucleus 2 is the ideal Ethernet-connected DAW controller for your project studio, mixing suite, or songwriting setup. In equal measures, it offers you amazing hands-on DAW control, invaluable workflow enhancements, and superior sound quality. Sixteen ultra-smooth motorized faders accompanied by SSL's acclaimed V-Pots provide awesome track-by-track control and the heart of the Nucleus 2 includes tons of ways to go in-depth with up to three DAWs at once. For an added bonus, the Nucleus 2 also comes with a pair of world-class SuperAnalogue preamps onboard, identical to the ones in SSL's world-renowned Duality and AWS series consoles.



    Channel controls make hands-on mixing easy

    The majority of the Nucleus 2 is dominated by its two banks of eight channel-strip-style track controls, which provide you with both incredibly broad and incredibly deep control options. Instantly responsive and incredibly smooth, these motorized faders glide effortlessly under your fingers and follow automation perfectly. They're complemented by a set of V-Pot endless encoders, which default to track pans but can easily be reassigned to any number of other parameters by pushing one of the SEL buttons right below the meter bridge. This makes setting up sends or tweaking EQs easy. And when it comes to automating plug-ins, you'll love the flip functions, which conveniently swap the V-Pot and Fader.


    The critical monitoring capabilities you need

    Solid State Logic's SuperAnalogue circuitry has become legendary in today's pro studio world for its clarity and incredible dynamic range. The Nucleus 2's monitoring section takes full advantage of this technology, offering pristine digital conversion, flexible monitor paths, and a handy Mixdown Mode for final processing. A pair of external monitor sources is handy for checking reference material, and a Sum button lets you audition signals without routing additional audio through your DAW. Two mono modes make checking mono compatibility easy, as well. There are separate volume controls for both the monitor outputs and the headphone outs, and a blend control lets you adjust the preamp and playback signal balance for zero-latency monitoring. And to top it off, the Nucleus 2 offers you 10-segment LED meters across every channel and monitor path.



    Solid State Logic Nucleus 2 Features:

    • Ethernet-connected DAW controller for pro and project studios
    • Compatible with all major DAWs, including ProTools, Cubase/Nuendo, and Logic
    • Switch between 3 connected DAWs with a single button press
    • 2 banks of 8-channel controls, plus center section
    • Touch-sensitive 100mm motorized faders
    • Digital Scribble Strips, assignable V-Pots, and soft keys
    • User-customizable key-command and DAW mapping
    • Remote Logictivity Browser affords quick and easy configuration
    • Non-volatile SD card project storage
    • High-quality jog/shuttle wheel and large heavy-duty transport buttons
    • Self-illuminating buttons, LEDs, and DAW Level Metering for superior visual feedback
    • 2 stereo sets of +4dBu monitor outputs deliver world-class SuperAnalogue audio quality
    • High-quality 24-bit/44.1kHz-96kHz Dante over Ethernet audio interface
    • 2 mic/line/instrument Combi XLR inputs to audio interface and monitor outs
    • Digital S/PDIF I/O to audio interface AD/DA
    • Zero-latency Record monitoring with input/DAW playback wet/dry control
    • 2 legendary SuperAnalogue mic preamps – identical to those in SSL Duality and AWS consoles
    • Mic inputs fitted with 80Hz highpass filters, polarity reverse, and phantom power
    • Insert send/returns switched between inputs and DAW playback for mixdown
    • Additional external SuperAnalogue input monitor path accommodates additional audio interface
    • Talkback input with adjustable gain and switchable -20dB monitor DIM
    • Talkback may be switched to feed input 2 of Dante soundcard for remote over network communications
    • 2 headphone outputs, 1 iJack monitor input
    • Standard 1/4" footswitch input
    • 3 USB sockets function as 3-port USB hub
    • Dual Ethernet ports for integrating additional Dante devices into your studio
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