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Solid State Logic LMC+

Solid State Logic LMC+

SKU: 729733X1
500 Series Compression Module with Wet-signal Phase Invert, Bandpass-subtraction Mode, "Filters to Compressor Side Chain" Feature, and Wet/Dry Mix Control
  • Overview:

    Unique SSL Dynamics for Your Rack

    The Solid State Logic SL 4000E Series console of 1979 transformed the music business and catapulted the company from cottage industry into one of the the planet's preeminent console manufacturers. SL4000E desks quickly found their way into studios all over the world. Engineers loved the Total Recall system that let them walk into any SSL studio with an 8" floppy of their session and have it play back with near-perfection. Another feature they loved was the SSL Listen Mic Compressor. Its original intent was to avoid overloading the return feed from a studio comm mic, but engineers soon found that its fixed attack and release curves were ideal for ambient drums mics. The LMC+ Module brings that magic to the 500 Series format.


    Updated with cool new features

    The Solid State Logic LMC+ 500 Series Module includes two classic SSL highpass and lowpass filters that let you easily target specific frequency ranges. Also onboard is a cool "filters to compressor side chain" option, as well as a wet/dry mix control. New to this 500 Series version: a "Scoop" button, which phase-inverts the wet signal, and a "Split'" button that activates a special bandpass-subtraction mode. Sweetwater engineers have found that whether you use these separately or together, in combination with the filters and sidechain, you can open up a world of creative possibilities. The Solid State Logic LMC+ 500 Series Module is a unique tonal shaping tool you don't want to be without.


    Solid State Logic LMC+ 500 Series Module Features:

    • Updated version of the SSL Listen Mic Compressor from the classic SL4000E console
    • Fixed attack and release is perfect for use with ambient drums mics
    • SSL highpass and lowpass filters
    • "Filters to compressor side chain" feature
    • Wet/dry mix control
    • "Scoop" button phase-inverts wet signal
    • "Split" button activates bandpass-subtraction mode


    Put the SSL LMC+ in your 500 Series rack and let the magic happen!

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