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Roger Schult W2395c

Roger Schult W2395c

SKU: r2395c
Studio tone control. Vintage 3-band EQ W2395c
  • Overview:

    W2395c filter functions

    • Two active Baxandall tone controls for treble and bass band as flat web controller +/- 12dB 
    • A semi-parametric mid-band filter 
    • Switchable frequency range of altitudes (2K | off | 5K) 
    • Switchable frequency range for low-band (80Hz | off | 110Hz) 
    • mid-band filter of 155Hz to 3500Hz continuously adjustable, max +/- 10dB 
    • Three stage toggle switch for controlling the quality of the mid band (1.5 | 0.7 | 0.4)


    The equalizer W2395c offers versatile possibilities for tonal influence of most different program material. The device provides a respective active Baxandall tone controls for treble and bass band and a semi-parametric mid-band filter. The two level controls of Baxandall tone controls are designed as a flat web controller and permit a level change by +/- 12 dB in each case. Circuit Due to the high and low band influence depending on the position of the controller by up to 4 dB each other. By means of two three-stage toggle switch, the frequency ranges from 80 Hz to 110 Hz


    be switched in the low band and from 2 kHz to 5 kHz with the altitude band. At the center position of each toggle switch can be used to verify the operation of the filter be disabled without the level control to change. The semi-parametric mid-band filter corresponding to the RS circuit of UF1 and offers the possibility of the frequency band between 155 Hz and 3500 Hz continuously to a maximum of +/- 10 edit dB. The quality of the mid-band filter can be set using a three-position toggle switch from narrow (Q 1.5) to medium (Q 0.7) or wide (Q 0.4). A bypass leads the input signal, bypassing all filter directly to the output. Applications Easy to use filters for defining the frequency band, removal of spurious frequencies, sound processing by two Baxandall tone controls for high and low frequencies and a parametric mid-band filter 

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