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Roger Schult Universal Filter W2377 MK2

Roger Schult Universal Filter W2377 MK2

SKU: r2377mk
switchable low, mid and high filter
  • Overview:

    W2377 MK2 filter functions

    • Full-parametric filter with a wide frequency range from 20 Hz to 23.3 kHz 
    • 3 switchable overlapping frequency ranges: 20 Hz to 233 Hz, 200 Hz to 2330 Hz, 2 kHz to 23.3 kHz 
    • Continuously adjustable frequency range high resolution via potentiometer 
    • variable adjustment of the bandwidth (Q-factor 0.3 to 10) 9-stage ELMA switch 
    • Continuously adjustable level range from -10 dB to +10 dB via potentiometer 
    • Frequenzselsektive high and low pass function over the entire frequency range 
    • Illuminated switch for true bypass function


    The W2377 MK2 is intended for use in the studio area and is the requirement for the entire sound frequency range by means of a filter cover. This universal concept of the filter allows the application as a program equalizer and / or as a design tool of an effect filter. A fully parametric filters with three switchable frequency ranges covers the entire tonal range of 20 Hz to 23.3 kHz. The interpretation of the overlapping frequency ranges was divided practical in three decades and can be selected by means of a three-stage toggle switch. Through a selected potentiometer with precise synchronization, the selection of the processing frequency and over a selection switch, the bandwidth of the filter 10 to 0.3 can be selected. Expanding function is still an integrated high and low cut with a slope of 12 dB / octave available, which is activated in the final positions of the tap changer. 

    A lighted "on" - switch activates or deactivates the filter by relay with no side effects in the signal chain. To adapt to the ambient light, the brightness of the pressure switch can be changed by means of jumpers on the board. Like all Roger Schult equipment, the W2377 MK2 module manufactured in Germany by hand.




    Premium fully parametric filter module for API® 500 systems for precise frequency correction for recording, mixing and mastering and effect filters for defining the frequency band or removal of interfering frequencies.

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