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Roger Schult  Universal Filter W2377 (low band)

Roger Schult Universal Filter W2377 (low band)

SKU: r2377lb
precision 1 band filter (as low- / mid- / high band filter)
  • Overview:

    W2377 filter functions

    • Level potentiometer with center detent at 0dB 
    • Frequency potentiometer for low, mid, and high band filter 
    • 9-stage ELMA switch for selection of the quality (Q-factor) 
    • Frequency-selective high-pass and low-pass filtering function 
    • Illuminated switches for true bypass and solo function 
    • Illuminated pushbutton (Focus) for the Invert function of the level control 


    The three fully parametric W2377 filter modules of the RS Audio Technique cover the entire audio range from 20Hz to about 23KHz. The effective range of these filters is +/- 10dB and can be adjusted continuously by means of a level potentiometer. The center detent of the potentiometers at 0dB also facilitates handling. The selection of overlapping frequency bands (low, mid and high) by only three different modules allows precise adjustment of each band, and also allows the combination of modules at will. The quality of the filter can in 9 steps from 0.3 to

    10 selected and with the left or the right stop is a high pass and low pass filters. The cutoff frequency of this filter is set by the frequency-Pot. About illuminated switches and buttons is always a quick change between processed and unprocessed material possible. An off-switch activates the true bypass feature that removes the device without any side effects from the signal chain. The Solo switch the currently active filter in a composite of several RS W2377 to pass, so that only the selected module is enabled. The Focus button inverts the level of a module to access quickly to be processed frequency components. All modules are tailored to the  API® 500 series and can be integrated as desired in each API® environment. High ALPS® Pot and tap changers of ELMA® guarantee a long trouble-free operation of the systems in continuous use. To adapt to the different studio environments a level matching of inputs and outputs through trimmer on the PCB board is fast.




    Premium fully parametric filter module for API® 500 systems for precise frequency correction for recording, mixing and mastering and effect filters for defining the frequency band or removal of interfering frequencies.

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