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Roger Schult Studio Equaliser W2395

Roger Schult Studio Equaliser W2395

SKU: rw2395
Vintage 3-band filter. three selectable frequencies
  • Overview:

    W2395 filter functions

    • height band as an active Baxandall tone controls 
    • Switchable corner frequencies: 1.9 kHz, 3.6 kHz, 6.3 kHz 
    • Level control by 30 mm fader with +/- 12 dB control range • mid band as a semi-parametric filter • mid-band filter continuously adjustable from 155 Hz to 3500 Hz • level control by knobs with +/- 10 dB control range • low-band as an active Baxandall tone controls • switchable corner frequencies: 45 Hz, 66 Hz, 90 Hz • level control by 30 mm fader with +/- 12 dB control range


    The active control W2395 is a dreibandiges correction element for the frequency response and can be used because of its large variability for aesthetic. Through a combination of Baxandall tone controls and parametric equalization is a very effective influence on the sound

    material allows. The Baxandall tone controls act on the outer areas of the sound spectrum and in the central region engages the parametric filter stage. The level control of Baxandall tone controls are designed as a flat web controller and permit a level change at each +/- 12 dB, with high and low band depending on the position the controller by up to 2 dB influence each other. By means of two three-stage rocker switch can be the frequency bands of the depths (45 Hz, 66 Hz, 90 Hz) and the heights (1.9 kHz, 3.6 kHz, 6.3 kHz) switch. The frequency range of the parametric EQ sweeps continuously the area of 155 Hz to 3500 Hz with a level change of a maximum of +/- 10 dB, the quality of the filter in steps of 0.4, 0.7 and 1.5 can be selected. A quick comparison of the adjusted corrections to the original signal at any time through the illuminated on-switch. Applications Easy to use filters for defining the frequency band, removal of spurious frequencies, sound processing by two Baxandall tone controls for high and low frequencies and a parametric mid-band filter 


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