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Pearl Microphone Labs Margarita

Pearl Microphone Labs Margarita

SKU: Margarita
Bridge/Body Mounted Pickup for Acoustic Instruments
  • Overview:

    Margarita Acoustic Pickup is a Piezo microphone for acoustic string instruments as guitar, violin, double bass and many more.

    The Picup attach to the instrument with “Tack-it”,


    Make thin a plate of “Tack-It” or similar and put the plate on the flat side of the pickup.

    Press the Pickup on the instrument body. Find the best sounding place by experimenting. On a guitar the lower part of front side is a good start. Connect the output of the Pickup to a high-z input or a preamp. 

    The Pickup is supplied with 2 metre cable and is available with or without connector upon request.

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