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Milab Microphones BDM-01

Milab Microphones BDM-01

Condenser Microphone for Bass Drums
  • Overview:

    The BDM-01 is a dedicated bass drum microphone that is equally at home in the studio and on the road. It is built around our high-class VM-44 capsule and every detail has been specifically designed for the power and sound of the bass drum and other powerful sound sources. The BDM-01 handles an impressive 155 dB without audible distortion.

    The high-end condenser capsule gives superior attack and HF response, and the frequency curve has been tailored for that perfect bass drum sound. The dynamic range, sensitivity and pop filters are also optimised for the bass drum.

    The BDM-01 was released at the 2009 Prolight + sound fair in Frankfurt and received much attention.


    "[…] this is a really beautiful-sounding microphone. It has a very natural quality to it, a sort of effortless balance that delivers very much what you expect having heard the drum in the room. […] for kick drum it's a fantastic microphone.

    There's something beautiful in the character of this capsule and I think a combination of VM44's and a BDM01 would deliver one of those wonderful recordings that's 'invisible' but not sterile.

    This is a microphone that's been designed to a sonic ideal rather than to a budget. It has been designed by ear, not by numbers. It has been designed for the task at hand. It is not cheap, yet neither is it ostentatious. It is the master, not the apprentice. 

    Summary: A beautiful-sounding, hand-made microphone of a quality that matches its price.

    Review in Sound on Sound (UK)
    January 2014


    "In a nutshell, as far as bass drums were concerned, the BDM-01 managed to deliver in spades with every scenario I threw at it.

    Dedicated bass drum mics are relatively commonplace nowadays, but there’s nothing common about the BDM-01. Refined and detailed sounding, this newest addition to the Milab range is an impressive addition to the Swedish stable.

    Review in Audio Technology (Australia)
    October 2009


    "I'm always looking to get a full and true sound for my drums. That means plenty of attack while retaining the warmth and tone. The VM-44s deliver the true sound of my instrument. And the BMD-01 gives my kick drum the low end punsch without sacrificing power and attack. The perfect combination.

    Rodney Holmes
    Drummer (Santana, Brecker Brothers, Wayne Shorter, Joe Zawinul etc.)



    Omar Hakim
    Drummer (Weather Report, Sting, David Bowie, Madonna, Michael Jackson etc.)




    • Cardioid   
    • Transformerless  
    • Rubber fitted capsule  
    • 155 dB SPL  
    • Excellent pop protection  
    • Gold-plated XLR connector




    • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
    • Polar pattern: Cardioid
    • Max. SPL (1% THD at 1 kHz): 155 dB
    • Sensitivity at 1 kHz: 2 mV/Pa (± 1dB)
    • A-weighted noise level (IEC 179-A): 27 dB
    • Power supply: 48 V Phantom (DIN/IEC)
    • Current consumption: 4 mA
    • Output impedance: <200 O
    • Minimum load impedance: 1 kO
    • Connection: 3-pin XLR
    • Net weight: 210 g
    • Length: 142 mm
    • Diameter: 24/47 mm
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