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Milab Microphones Drum Pack

Milab Microphones Drum Pack

Drum Microphone Set
  • Overview:

    The Milab Drum Pack is ideal for micing drums. It includes a BDM-01 for kick drum, (7) VM-44 Classic (2 for OH, 1 for hihat, 1 for snare and 3 for toms), shock mounts, windscreens, and mic holders. A sleek aluminum case rounds out the package to keep your mics dust free and protected from damage and wear.


    For superb sound quality in studio or on stage, look no further than Milab's Drum Pack. The included VM-44 Classic is a versatile microphone that's more than just a drum mic - it's great for any situation.


    Milab Drum Pack Specifications:

    • Product Name: Milab Drum Pack
    • Type: Bundle
    • Article Number: 1114
    • Contains:
      • 1 BDM-01
      • 7 VM-44 Classic
      • 1 shock mount (3227)
      • 7 shock mounts (3221)
      • 7 windscreens (3406)
      • 4 K&M mic holders
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