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Microtech Gefell MD120

Microtech Gefell MD120

SKU: 211409
Dynamic MicrophoneOmni
  • Overview:

    • frequency response optimized for intelligibility
    • internal elastic suspension reduces handling noise
    • integrated popscreen
    • contemporary look with dark bronze finish


    The MD 120 is a dynamic microphone with omni polar pattern and is recommended for high-quality in sound studios and recordings of speech and music in the professional and semi-professional area.


    The MD 120 is manufactured in Germany together with Mikrofontechnik Leipzig GmbH (MTL) a company with a long history of dynamic microphone produktion. Microtech Gefell prides itself in making quality products and supporting them with promt service.


    Dynamic microphone

    MD 120

    Polar pattern


    Operating principle

    acoustic:               Pressure transducer

    electric:                 Moving - coil principle

    Frequency range

    50 ... 18000 Hz

    Sensitivity at 1 kHz

    1,5 mV / Pa ± 3 dB

    Rated impedance

    220 Ω ± 30 %

    Load impedance

    ≥ 1 k Ω

    Magnetic field disturbing factor at 50 Hz

    ≤ 1 V/T

    Operating temperature range

    - 10 °C bis + 45 °C

    Output connector

    3-pin XLR-connector,

    goldplated contacts

    Connector assignment

    pin 2 (+) and 3 moving - coil
    pin 1 and housing ground


    380 g

    Dimensions (L x Ø )

    198 mm x 53 mm

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