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Microtech Gefell M950 Stereo XY (Matched Pair)

Microtech Gefell M950 Stereo XY (Matched Pair)

SKU: 211193
Matched pair of studio microphones. with 2 microphone holders MH93.1 and stereo holder SH93, in wooden case
  • Overview:

    NOTE: Shown in XY orientation and satin nickel finish.  Also shown and available in dark bronze finish.


    Microtech Gefell's XY large diaphragm stereo sets are simple, elegant and extremely effective tools for the discerning recording engineer. By combining a modular approach with the exacting repeatability of a dedicated stereo mic, these true stereo sets represent real long-lasting value that truly yields more than the sum of their parts.  These workhorses are ideal for all types of stereo recording including orchestral, ensemble, instrument and choral whether these are for classical, jazz, bluegrass, folk or pop. The ability to withstand extraordinary dynamics without introducing noise further broadens their use for subtle acoustic passages to huge electric sounds that are popular today.


    Although very effective, the "single mic solution" has fallen out of favour due to the many different types of recording that have arisen over the past 35 years. This includes XY micing which requires two contiguous capsules angled at 90º.  A series of exact laser etched markings work in conjunction with a laser-etched arrow on the microphones that provide an accurate angle measurement to ensure placement criteria is respected. Because of the permanent markings, stereo set-ups can be repeated, thus allowing the engineer to return to previous set-ups and recreate faithful repetitions.  This introduces a degree of modularity and flexibility to enable the engineer to use these premium microphones for other applications.


    With the use of the large 1" M9 gold diaphragms, these wonderful condensers have the distinct advantage of superior capsule sensitivity for extraordinary detail and clarity in the more challenging low frequency region. The compact body and triangulated pedestal reduce acoustic disturbances to a minimum, further advancing the mics performance.  These microphones feature the very latest optical isolation whereby noise from unfiltered 48V phantom power is circumvented by converting the supply across an optical bridge, thus removing hash and spikes. This proprietary Gefell solution lowers microphone self noise below all others, which results in as much as a 10dB increase in headroom over comparably priced microphones. 


    Set up is easy. The microphones are affixed to the bar following its vertical alignment. The bar is then mounted on a sturdy mic stand or a robust boom stand with counterweight. The microphones are then aligned with each angled at 45º in opposite directions to create a precise 90º spread.  The XY microphone bar comes complete with cable retention clasps for a nice clean set-up.  We recommend using a stereo cable to ensure the cable lengths are equal. This assures the proper phase relationship is maintained.



    • extreme dynamic rangenoise floor 7dB-Auniversal applicationsnew large diaphragm capsuleadvanced circuit designtransformerless outputinternal elastic suspensioncompact design
      - CCIR 468 - 4: 13 dB
      - DIN EN 60651: 7 dB - A
    • Signal-to-noise ratio (re 1 Pa at 1 kHz):
      - CCIR - weighted: 81 dB
      - A - weighted: 87 dB
    • Max. SPL for THD < 0.5%: 142 dB
    • Max. output level:
      - RL = 1 kOhm: 17 dBu
      - RL = 10 kOhm: 18 dBu
    • Dynamic range of electronics: 135 dB
    • Current consumption (P 48, DIN 45596, IEC 268-15): 3.6 mA
    • Output connector: 3-pin XLR connector goldplated contacts
    • Weight without MH 93.1: 210 g
    • Dimensions (L x Ø): 118 mm x 45 mm
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