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Microtech Gefell CMV 563 / M7S

Microtech Gefell CMV 563 / M7S

SKU: 2111141
Large diaphragm tube condenser microphone - includes PSU, elastic suspension & cable in wooden case
  • Overview:

    The new CMV 563 M 7 S is the original reissue of the vintage Gefell CMV 563. It has the typical warm, full-bodied sound of valve microphones that are preferred by vocalists and soloists. The vacuum tube preamplifier is equipped with the EF 86 pentode working as a triode selected for its sonic characteristics. 


    The new N 61 power supply provides the operating voltage for the vacuum tube. It can be powered from AC mains with a primary voltage of 115 or 230 volts / 50 or 60 Hz. The N 61 is equipped with an on/off switch, a 7-pin Tuchel connector that powers the microphone and a 3-pin XLR connector.


    The CMV 563 M 7 S is packed in a mahogany colour wooden box and comes with power supply N 61, connection cable C 563.1, elastic suspension EA 92 and G/B adaptor for the use of vintage bayonet M 7, M 8, M 9 capsules.

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