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Focal Clear MG Professional Open-Back Headphones

Focal Clear MG Professional Open-Back Headphones


High-end, professional open-back headphones with remarkable tonal balance across the full spectrum and bass articulation down to the lowest frequencies

  • Info:

    Focal Clear Mg Professional is a set of circum-aural open-back headphones. Their ‘M’-shaped Magnesium dome offers exceptional dynamics, combined with a capacity to reproduce the tiniest details across the full sound spectrum. In terms of mechanics, the design of the headband and yokes ensures that the headphones sit across the whole head, for optimal comfort. The new generation of perforated microfibre cushions result in an extremely open design. Clear Mg Professional headphones feature new honeycomb grilles. The opening of the external earcup is even wider, amplifying the sensation of spatialization and the soundstage image. The internal ‘M’ grille follows the curves of the speaker driver as closely as possible, for an even more precise high-frequency reproduction: you totally forget you’re wearing headphones, and instead enjoy the same listening sensation you’d get with the best monitors. The headphones assert themselves as the essential tool for the most demanding professionals, enabling you to make faster decisions thanks to these dynamics, and ensuring the transfer quality of the work performed.



    • Open-back headphones for professional use
    • Remarkable tonal balance across the full spectrum
    • Bass articulation down to the lowest frequencies
    • Exceptional dynamics and impact
    • Wide spatialization and highly precise soundstage
    • Comfortable and ergonomic
    • 2 cables supplied to suit all uses (mixing console, audio interface, laptop)
    • Rigid carrying case supplied, including a space for storing an Ilock key (not supplied)
  • Specs:

    PACKAGE CONTENTS Focal Clear Mg headphones, 16.5' asymmetric cable (1/4" - 6.35mm TRS), 3.9' asymmetric cable (1/8" - 3.5mm TRS), 1/8" to 1/4" stereo jack adapter, two sprace earpads, and rigid case
    UNIT WEIGHT 1 lb
    DRIVER_SIZES 40mm 'M'-shaped magnesium dome
    IMPEDANCE 55 Ohms
    FREQUENCY RANGE 5 Hz - 28 kHz
    MAX. SPL 104 dB
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