Brauner Microphones VM1S

Brauner Microphones VM1S

SKU: bvm1s
Stereo Tube Microphone. Stereo version of VM1
  • Overview:

    The VM1S is the stereo version of the VM1. It is currently, without doubt, the most intricate of all Brauner microphones. It unites two identical VM1 microphones, precisely matched to each other, in a single housing. It is a design that answers every wish of a stereo microphone. The VM1S enables control of the directional characteristics of both microphones even though they are in the same housing.


    This unique approach allows independent usage of each microphone, through separate internal power supplies thus enabling the VM1S to be used as a single microphone. Moreover, when used in stereo mode the highest possible crosstalk rejection is also achieved. The range of its applications is therefore extremely wide. Whether it is used as the main microphone in classic MS or XY configurations, or as a stereo microphone for the recording of a soloist, choir or instrumental soloist, the VM1S is equally up to the task.

    Experience the finest tonal details, more naturally and alive than you ever have before. Experience one of the world?s greatest microphone legends in stereo!



    Equivalent Noise < 11 dB A (IEC651)
    Signal to Noise > 83 dB (1 Pa/1 kHz-Cardioid)
    Sensitivity 28 mV / Pa-Cardioid
    Pattern all, infinitely variable
    Frequency Range 20 Hz - 20 kHz
    Maximum SPL 142 dB SPL @ 0,3 % THD
    Power Supply 115 V oder 230 V