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BAE 312A - Mic Preamp, 500 Series Module

BAE 312A - Mic Preamp, 500 Series Module

500 Series Mic Pre
  • Overview:

    The 312A Module from BAE is a mic preamp with 48V phantom power, a pad switch, and a phase reverse switch that is compatible with the API 500 series modules. It can be used when paired with a (DLB) Desktop Lunchbox (sold separately) as a portable solution for musicians, engineers, and producers in applications such as broadcast TV, recording studios, live stage, theater, and more.


    The 312A is built with Jensen input and output transformers and the Avedis 1122 op-amp. It also includes a high impedance DI for instruments. A gain control knob, a 48V phantom switch, a phase reverse switch, and a pad switch are located on the front panel.


    In addition, there are no capacitors in the audio path allowing transients to pass easily, making them a favorite for drummers. The 312 series is designed to deliver a fast and punchy sound.

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