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SKU: asmp5
500 series preamplifier with "TILT" EQ feature
  • Overview:

    AL.SO MP5 is a 500 series microphone and ligne level preamplifier plus a "TILT" EQ. Compatible with all standard 500 series chassis (less than 80 mA consumption per power rail). The MP5 is perfect for all types of dynamic, electro-static or ribbon microphones but also with ligne levels signals.

    The MP5 is reamarquable for its faithfull, "airy" and musical preamplification.

    The MP5 "Tilt" type EQ let you brighten or darken your signal. The TILT function can simulate a wide range of different preamps, as if you had several preamps in one !

    No switch is used on the audio path and the polarity inversion is made by a passive relay.

    On the front panel a VU meter for the control of the output level of the unit.

      500 series preamplifier with "TILT" EQ 
      Gain: -2dB to +74dB
      Harmonic distortion of 3rd order at 60 dB gain: 0,007% @ 1 kHz
      Harmonic distortion of 3rd order at  -2dB dB gain: 0,0041% @ 1 kHz
      Bandwidth at 60 dB gain:10Hz / 100 kHz: ± 0,3 dB
      Bandwidth at -2 dB de gain: 10Hz / 100 kHz: ± 1 dB
      Input transformer: SOWTER (UK)
      Electronically balanced output
      High-end Clarostat potentiometer, plactic audio track
      Compatible with all standard 500 series rack and lunchbox chassis
     100% hand built in France 
     Designed by Olivier Bolling

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