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AL.SO Dynax M

AL.SO Dynax M

SKU: adynm
Mastering grade opto compressor
  • Overview:

    AL.SO (for Alternate Sounding) Dynax M is an absolutely new tool for modern dynamics processing. Dynax M is mastering version of the Dynax 2 with enhanced features dedicated to mastering tasks. It has a complete genuine design, so it's not a clone or a new version of any other existing compressor nor limiter. Featuring innovative functions and providing absolutely uncompromising sound quality, it sets new standards for  enhancing any kind of audio material. It offers soft compressing, compressing, limiting and side-chain filters, just to name a few of its features.


    The Al.So Dynax M is in fact more than an ordinary mastering compressor/limiter as it's not only a very punchy and groovy dynamics processor, It is designed as a Dynamic Sound Shaper, It Offers a very analog, warm and silky coloration. Based around very low distortion circuits, the Dynax M allows a wide range of effects. The smoothest and most transparent compression to the harshest and most spectacular sound designs, a creative tool meant for creative sound engineers. Even when extreme settings, the sound characteristic stays clean and powerful. The Dynax M can achieve perfect processing results for all different styles of music and assures that feeling of a finished song. Its enhanced functions exceed the potential of normal compressors by far and give you unimagined options for recording, mixing and mastering. A very powerful tool for professional dynamics processing. creative tool meant for creative sound engineers. Both Attack and Release pots offer a graduated change of values to reshape the sound and create a new envelope.


    The circuitry design of the Dynax M is totally based on discrete analog technology and is a completely new development providing openness and clarity which can hardly be found with most other compressors. Every part of the signal processing is based on high grade selected Op-amps, using different solutions like DC servo and particular transformer driving circuitry and linear power supply in order to avoid switching PSU artifacts. All components are of the highest grade available and exclusively chosen according to their sonic excellence. Last but not least, the output transformers of incredible quality made by SOWTER ( UK)


    Both channels are controlled by unique commands, offering more accuracy and faster recall of the parameters. The 1st thing you'll notice is the distortion-free compression as it's as low as 0.005% (1kHz +4dBu). You don't compress distortion but ONLY dynamics! 


    Dynax M has a feed forward design, it's probably the fastest Opto Compresor/limiter you ever tried, capable of offering extreme over-compression or pumping effects. Very easy to set, choose the Ratio, choose Attack & Release and add compression, you're ready to go! An oversized power transformer, conductive plastic potentiometers, internal temperature stabilizers for critical components as well as special current feedback amplifiers are part of the technical finesse. The combination of these elements results in a pristine signal quality and guarantees clean and powerful sound characteristics, even when extreme settings are used.


    The Dynax M offers four different compression ratios:

     Soft compression (2:1)

     Compressor (4:1)

     Limiter (10:1)

     Brickwall (infinite:1)


    Quality of construction

    The front panel is a 10 mm (0.39") thick solid brushed aluminum engraved piece of metal. A steel frame to guarantee strength and reliability in time, well above the average. The inscriptions on the front panel are protected high quality serigraphs.


    Dynax M like all Al.So products is extremely robust, fully hand made ​​in France and high-quality components and controls. Each unit is individually and precisely checked and listened to before being shipped, as only sound matters!


    VU-meter lighting displays both output level or gain reduction. Over modulation cleverly turns the blue back-lighted meters to a strong red. Clearly visible even if the unit is placed a distance.


      Stereo Optical Compressor with 4 compression rates: 2:1, 4:1, 10:1 & Infinite:1 
      Extremely large time constant ranges 
      Bass Drive or compression Sidechain filters 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 & 300Hz
      Sidechain Input
      Control through an external input signal, left channel signal or the stereo signal (sum of L/R channels)
      Hardware Bypass by relay, to compare the original and the processed signal in an absolute way
      Bandwidth:10Hz / 30 kHz at +/- 0,1dB 
      Bandwidth 10Hz / 65 kHz at +/- 1 dB 
      Bandwidth with a gain reduction of 10dB: 40Hz / 40 kHz at +/- 1dB 
      Harmonic distortion of 3rd order at 1 kHz, +4dBu: 0,005%
      Harmonic distortion of 3rd order at 1 kHz, +4dBu, with a gain reduction of 10dB  0,02% (time constantes median settings)
      Output transformers by SOWTER (UK)
      100% hand built with high-end selected components
      Designed by Olivier Bolling
      Compatible with 110/230 Volts 50/60Hz. 


    Note: if the unit is shut down or disconnected from the main power, the signal passes then by the Bypass relays. A very secure characteristic while live recording situations. 

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